The Phantom Realm

NOTE: The Phantom Realm ceased to be an ongoing notion as of September of 2001. Nevertheless, given the time and effort devoted to the project's creation and conception, it will be maintained within this area in the original format and substance as it appeared up to and at the time of abandonment.

The WordSmiths bid you welcome. The Phantom Realm is a creative writing project set in a fantasy kingdom. Here there be dragons and dragon-slayers...artisans of magic and wielders of might. We hope you will linger awhile and learn something of the characters who inhabit this enchanted land. If you feel so inclined, then please visit the skull image found at the bottom of this will transport you into the heart of the Phantom Realm. Whether you choose to travel further or not, the WordSmiths thank you for your interest and hope you will pass this way again.

The WordSmiths

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GateWay to the Realm

As of November 2003, some of the "Phantom Realm" creators and characters are now
featured in a new forum. Anyone wishing to participate in the weaving of tales...or
simply observing as the tapestry invited to visit these dauntless
adventurers by following the pictorial link below.

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